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We aren’t just any ordinary Architectural & interior design company. Our team consists of 12 members, all from different parts of the world, gathered in Istanbul, Turkey at our agency. Our team is dedicated to bring the best ideas and experiences to their consumers. As we focus on understanding our clients’ wants and needs and through that we create their desired interiors while bringing in an analytical design aspect to it. By using our exchange of cultural and tasteful experience, Vogue Design promises to prove that.


Our team aims to expand their views on interior design by establishing in other areas as the Middle East and Europe.


Vogue Design aims to achieve customer satisfaction through their design tastes and finally achieve customer loyalty.

Our Future Plan

Ambition, passion, creativity and love for designing has brought us all together, each with our own views and skills , creating a synergy that produces innovative solutions to be unique with you.


Meet Vogue's

Creative Minds

Khalil Balbey - Vogue Design

Khalil Balbey

General Manager

Mamdouh Raslan - Vogue Design

Mamdouh Raslan


Mohamad - Vogue Design

Mohammad Haj Taleb


Celal - Vogue Design

Celal Coşkunaslan

Export Manager

Tarek - Vogue Design

Tarik Shurbatji

Operation Engineer

Sundus - Vogue Design

Sundos Alsaid

Creative Architect

Sondus - Vogue Design

Tuğba Coşkunaslan

Marketing Manager

Tugba - Vogue Design

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